So, we buy houses phoenix you want to save yourself some money in the sale of your home, right? I definitely understand you. I like saving money, too! However, you should know that you DO NOT have to pay high commission to get full quality service! Most For Sale by Owner (FSBO’s) are tired of paying these high commission rates and attempt to sell their houses themselves. It is after the fact that they realize that not listing with a REALTOR® means not using all the tools and experience a REALTOR® has at his or her disposal, especially the most powerful marketing tool REALTORS® have used for decades: the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. We have compiled a lot of information here at Vancouver WA Real Estate to assist you in selling your real estate in Vancouver WA or any other area of the Valley of the Sun by yourself.

But let us present you this offer first!

Vancouver WA Real Estate has listing plans especially tailored for the FSBO, like yourself. See, most people pay higher commission rates because they want their REALTOR® to handle all aspects of the real estate transaction, which we happily do. But, if you are more of a hands-on seller and feel comfortable about taking certain tasks upon yourself, we at Vancouver WA Real gladly provide you with a plan that reflects the amount of work you are doing yourself.

Normally the real estate commission a seller will pay is shared equally by the listing agent and the agent who produces the buyer. The savings you, as a FSBO, obtain with Vancouver WA Real Estate’s Discount Listing Plans come from not having to pay the listing broker, and only paying the broker that produces a buyer willing to purchase your property at an acceptable price to you. Many people can handle the selling side of the transaction just fine, but they need help in finding qualified potential buyers. This is where Vancouver WA Real Estate can help.

Harness the power of the MLS!

The Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service currently consists of MORE THAN 35,000 agents and brokers. Imagine having that many more people looking at your property listing and marketing it for you, in contrast to the few hundreds that might see the sign in your front yard or your classified ad in the Sunday newspaper. The power of the MLS is REAL and Vancouver WA Real Estate makes it available to you! In the most current survey conducted by the it was found that the typical FSBO sold for an average (national) price of $163,800, while the typical agent-assisted house sold for an average price of $189,000. This is more than 15% more!!! And do you know why the big difference? Mostly because of the power of the MLS.

If you are doing numbers in your mind, right now you are probably thinking that just because of this sale price difference, it is probably worth it to work with a REALTOR®, and you know what? You could not be more right! That is why we have designed two Discount Listing plans, especially for the FSBO. You will come to realize, like many other sellers already have, that the small setup fee you pay for these plans will more than pay for itself at the closing table..

Additionally, if you would like an experienced REALTOR® from Vancouver WA Real Estate to personally coordinate the transaction including all paperwork, we can provide that service for just an additional 1.5% of sale price paid at successful close of escrow. We can offer this service because, unlike some competing online listing services, we are licensed by the Arizona real estate licensing board. Check out our FSBO Plans page to see the details of everything our plans include.

But let’s say you do not want help from a REALTOR®

Well, you are still in the right place, because here at Vancouver WA Real Estate you will find the most complete compilation of information you will need to sell your home by yourself.

Go ahead! Explore Vancouver WA! This site provides information and tips for FSBO’s on everything from home inspections, pricing your home, the selling process and escrow, to the information you need to contact us with your questions or requests.